We are a small group of pipers and drummers from the Brussels area who get together most Monday evenings at 20.00 in Ixelles to practice, play and enjoy traditional Scottish bagpipe music during a relaxed couple of hours.

The band does play in public and at private events, on request, but it is not a competition band and its main aim is to have fun.

We are always looking for new recruits both drummers and pipers – experienced or beginners – all of whom will be most welcome.

The members come from all walks of life and from different countries

Although we have a hard core of long time residents in Belgium we also have members who are only in Brussels for short periods. So if you are here for a short period and want to keep up your piping please feel free to join us.

We also organise classes for beginners and intermediate players.

The Band's kilts are Campbell of Cawdor which was selected by a popular vote among the members.